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Natalie M. Mannherz, OTR: Piano Teacher & Occupational Therapist








*Imagine! occupational therapist provider; Medicaid provider*
About: Natalie established the Occupational Piano program in 2011 in an effort to make piano lessons more individualized and available to students of all ages and abilities. As an occupational therapist, Natalie understands how to adapt piano lessons and the environment to fit with students’ physical, developmental, and emotional needs. Through this teaching method, all piano students are able to successfully learn how to play the piano in a way that tailors to their strengths and weaknesses as a person and as a pianist. In addition to providing private piano lessons and occupational therapy sessions, Natalie provides consultation to parents about how to distinguish between behavior and sensory needs, provide constructive feedback, adapt your language for your child, and develop an effective routine.
Recommendation: Natalie is a great fit for children who want to develop foundational skills to help them improve modulation, self-regulation, and sensory-based disorders. Parents will benefit from individualized home programs as well as a combination of sensory-based and piano-based treatment.

Elena Camerin Young: Voice and Piano Teacher

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*Imagine! music therapist provider*

Originally from Venice, Elena has been teaching voice, music ensemble, and vocal ensemble since 1996 in Italy and the US. She has consistently been active as a music instructor for students with special needs. Elenea moved to New York in 2008, where she worked with chidlren with special needs, particularly with children on the spectrum. She has been working as a volunteer in the “SonRise” program for several years and her training includes Voice Functionality with Dr. Franco Fussi, VoiceCraft with Elisa Turla, the H.A.N.D.L.E. approach, the E.A.S.E (Everyday Arts in Special Education) course, and ongoing training through M.O.A. (Melody Of Autism), based in New York. She moved to Boulder in August of 2015.

Elena contacted Occupational Piano in the fall of 2015 after learning about the program and expressing a shared interest in teaching children with special needs. She has many years of teaching both voice and piano lessons and has participated in a number of programs and courses that support the teaching of children diagnosed with autism. She is offering piano and voice classes through Occupational Piano.
Elena would be a great fit for students who have decreased communication and self-regulation, particularly students who have an ASD diagnosis. She is very accepting and has the ability to teach students from the beginner through advanced levels. Elena’s background in learning about children with ASD and also teaching this population allows her to seamlessly transition into the role as a teacher here. Elena is excited to be a part of Occupational Piano and to have the opportunity to consistently teach students with special needs.