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Support That Works For Your Family

Monthly Support: Consultation Model

Natalie consults with therapists, parents, caregivers, tutors, teachers, and nannies to support children with special needs receive consistent care that focuses on the same goals. Children with neurobiological disorders like autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder process sensations differently or inefficiently, which can lead to challenging outputs or behaviors. Instead of working on different goals with each adult in that child’s life, I create an in-home program that puts everyone involved with the family on the same page. This “sensory plan” allows parents and caregivers to support their child at all times, is individualized to each family, and uses a faded-out support approach so that everyone spends more time positively interacting with your child.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Support: Individual & Group Models

Natalie provides weekly therapy to children with modulation and self-regulation disorders that impact their daily functioning. Children benefit from therapy sessions twice per week; typically this starts with two individual sessions until the child is able to participate in a group setting and/or different environment. At that point, Natalie often will provide one individual session and one group session per week.

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Piano-Based Services

Natalie provides weekly therapy to children with modulation, self-regulation, and sensory-based disorders that impact their daily functioning.

Occupational Piano team members focus on the skills that are relevant to the level at which your child is currently functioning, which can be focused more on piano and music skills or on foundational skills, such as self-regulation, language development, body awareness, and motor skills.

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